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        protitle_bg.pngCoated Tissue For Polyurethane Foam
          • Coated Tissue For Polyurethane Foam

        This kind of glass fiber products, with strong technical support, as the reinforced glass fiber mat as the substrate after the development of production technology advanced in addition to flame retardant, insulation, insulation class ST-SRM system facing material, instead of the traditional cement grid cloth.

        The product and the polyurethane foam more affinity, high bonding strength, no leakage, and is suitable for continuous production, can be used for a variety of foaming material layer, roof insulation, wall decoration veneer and has very strong practicability.

        Product Features:

        glass fiber without directional distribution

        Good uniformity

        high strength

        light weight

        Flame retardant grade

        Flame retardant grade by the national glass fiber product quality supervision and inspection center detection to achieve the B1 level.


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